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  • The Importance of Exercise in Children

    Children should have many chances to run, bike, and play sports during the day. Experts recommend that children get 60 minutes of moderate exercise every day. Moderate activity means you breathe harder and your heart beats faster than normal. Some examples are: • Walking fast • Playing chase or tag • Swimming • Playing organized sports (such as martial arts, soccer, basketball, and football) Younger children have a shorter attention span than older children. They may be active for only 10 - 15 minutes at a time. The goal is still a total of 60 minutes of activity every day. WHY EXERCISE?
    Children who exercise: • Feel better ....

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  • Life Skills Training Builds Character

    Here at Texas Storm Kenpo, we use martial arts training as a platform to teach and enhance important life skills. We focus on 18 different life skills that every young person needs to learn in order to acquire the best chance at a successful start in life. Our mission is to help our students realize their true potential, on and off the mats.

    Every student starts with a lesson in responsibility by teaching them to "own and take care" of their karate uniform. We work on confidence by slowly increasing their responsibility and teaching them that their "little victories" build into the completion of bigger established goals. As a student's belt color changes you can witness the ....

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  • 2019 Back to School Tips - Day 4

    2019 Back to School Tips - Day 4

    Tip #4: Continually seek opportunities that increase your child’s self-confidence
    The very best thing you can equip your child with is self-confidence. There is absolutely no substitute for self-confidence. Let me repeat that because this line is very important: There is absolutely NO substitute for self-confidence! Confident children face every day with a positive outlook and tend to have better grades, more friends, and less stress. Here are some tips for increasing your child’s self-confidence:
    Help them find their inner talents
    . Everyone has an inner passion or ability that they can sink their teeth into. This includes sports, music, reading, writing, ....

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  • Back to School Tips - Day 3

    Back to School Tips - Day 3

    Tip #3: Make sure your child feels comfortable communicating with you
    It's important that when your child speaks with you about the challenges children face each day at school they are comfortable talking about their feelings, fears, and anxiety. You can help your child work through any challenge. Here are some important tips to help your child feel comfortable about communication:
    Never ignore your child’s anxieties or stresses.
    This is a crucial mistake that many parents make, and most of the time it is on accident. Sometimes parents get tangled up with all of their own responsibilities that they brush aside situations brought up by their child that don’t ....

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  • 2019 Back to School-Tips Day 2

    2019 Back to School-Tips Day 2

    Tip #2: Put your child on a brain-strengthening diet
    Not all diets are for weight loss. Even children that have great athletic physiques are susceptible to the after-effects of poor eating habits, including fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, and mood swings. You can help your child feel better each school day simply by adjusting their diet and getting rid of foods and snacks that are counter-productive. Here are some healthy eating tips: 1. Purge the bad foods in your house.
    Open your refrigerator and get rid of the foods you know are unhealthy for your children including sodas, snacks that are high in sugar, and foods that are high in fat. 2. Create a healthy ....

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  • 2019 Back to School Tips

    2019 Back to School Tips

    Back to School Tips for Parents
    Now that summertime is coming to an end, comes all of that back to school anxiety and jitters that are common with children. Your child will likely experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomachaches to sleeping problems. Children also often experience emotional stress from the fear of making new friends, meeting new teachers, fears of being bullied, the pressure of making good grades, and worries of being unpopular. With that said, it’s important for parents to remember that these physical and emotional feelings are very common, and even the most well-adjusted kids are ....

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  • Importance of Teaching Girls Self-Defense

    Importance of Teaching Girls Self-Defense

    Self-defense is NOT just for boys Everyone deserves to learn how to defend themselves. Self-protection is needed by girls as well as boys. Many people think that girls are fragile and can’t effectively learn to defend themselves. Often times the opposite is true. Girls are tougher mentally and physically than we give them credit for. Girls are at risk of violence equal to, if not more, than boys. Do you have any idea how many physical and sexual assaults are perpetrated against females in the country happen each year? Who would NOT want their daughter, sister, or wife to learn the basic skills necessary to protect themselves?
    Self-defense training builds CONFIDENCE

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  • New Training Tip

    Here is our Thursday Training Tip of the Week. Understanding how, when, and why do we Bow at Texas Storm Kenpo. Let me start by saying that if you do not have experience in martial arts it might be easy to misunderstand the purpose of a bow as used in our studio and this training tip will hopefully clear up and misunderstanding. In order to do a proper bow a student is to stand at attention and perform a slight lowering of their head and chest. This is not a large or deep motion. Simply stand with their feet together and arms at their side and lower their upper body slightly. Students are required to bow when entering or leaving the school (at the front door) and when the ....

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  • Get My Focus Hacks Free!

    Morning everyone. This is Bill. This is a quick little discussion I would like to do this morning. Let’s give people a moment to log on here. I hope everybody had a nice restful Labor Day weekend. This is Tuesday morning and this is Bill with Texas Storm Kenpo. We’ll give everyone about a minute and then I’ll get started. Hi Dan. Good morning. Every day during the weekend here has been rainy and it looks like rain today. We need the rain but I hope it doesn’t rain too much. Looking forward to an easy and not too hot of a day and I hope everybody had a great weekend. I hope people got some much-deserved rest from working pretty hard during the year. ....

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