Importance of Teaching Girls Self-Defense

Importance of Teaching Girls Self-Defense

Self-defense is NOT just for boys

Everyone deserves to learn how to defend themselves. Self-protection is needed by girls as well as boys. Many people think that girls are fragile and can’t effectively learn to defend themselves. Often times the opposite is true. Girls are tougher mentally and physically than we give them credit for.

Girls are at risk of violence equal to, if not more, than boys. Do you have any idea how many physical and sexual assaults are perpetrated against females in the country happen each year?

Who would NOT want their daughter, sister, or wife to learn the basic skills necessary to protect themselves?

  • Self-defense training builds CONFIDENCE
    • Many girls lack self-confidence, not because they are weak, but rather because they are lacking the opportunities needed for them to grow the necessary skills.
    • Having an array of conflict resolution skills both verbal and physical provides solutions that allow individuals to be more confident when facing problems.
  • Self-defense training increases FITNESS
    • Self-defense training provides opportunities to be more active. Healthy activities improve general fitness.
    • Kids now more than ever live a sedentary lifestyle full of junk food with zero healthy calories.
    • Studies show that a child should get 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, of healthy activity. Self-defense training can provide a great way to meet that goal.
  • Self-defense training build FRIENDSHIPS
    • In this age of technology, kids and adults spend more time in front of a screen than having face-to-face interaction. Physical training with live partners builds shared experiences that help them bond together, and that creates long-lasting friendships.
  • Self-defense training builds FOCUS
    • Learning new skills that require attention to detail, increases a person’s ability (through practice) to focus the mind on the task at hand.
    • It seems that the average person now days has the attention span of less than a squirrel. It may be due to our dependence on technology.
    • Self-defense training is time away from a tablet, computer, or smartphone and requires using their brain, instead of just their fingers.
  • Self-defense training builds DISCIPLINE
    • Many of today's kids lack enough structure, guidance, and positive role models. We believe that structure creates discipline that leads to success in life. Without mental discipline, a person is too often acting on impulsiveness, which leads to getting in trouble or caught up in situations that are unhealthy.

For information on you can help a girl become stronger, become more confident, improve her fitness, make more friends, and have focus and discipline, reach out to me, either by phone 8174275425 or PM. I would love to help.

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