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Here is our Thursday Training Tip of the Week.

Understanding how, when, and why do we Bow at Texas Storm Kenpo.

Let me start by saying that if you do not have experience in martial arts it might be easy to misunderstand the purpose of a bow as used in our studio and this training tip will hopefully clear up and misunderstanding.

In order to do a proper bow a student is to stand at attention and perform a slight lowering of their head and chest. This is not a large or deep motion. Simply stand with their feet together and arms at their side and lower their upper body slightly.

Students are required to bow when entering or leaving the school (at the front door) and when the travel on our off of the mat.

At our studio, as in most American Kenpo schools, we do not bow to each other because we don’t believe that we should bow down to anyone. With that said, a bow is used to show respect to the school and the training area.

I hope this helps. This weekend we will be posting a short video demonstrating a proper bow in our online university.

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