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Morning everyone. This is Bill.

This is a quick little discussion I would like to do this morning. Let’s give people a moment to log on here.

I hope everybody had a nice restful Labor Day weekend. This is Tuesday morning and this is Bill with Texas Storm Kenpo. We’ll give everyone about a minute and then I’ll get started.

 Hi Dan. Good morning.

Every day during the weekend here has been rainy and it looks like rain today. We need the rain but I hope it doesn’t rain too much. Looking forward to an easy and not too hot of a day and I hope everybody had a great weekend.

I hope people got some much-deserved rest from working pretty hard during the year. Didn’t do much, worked watched some movies is all I got done this weekend.

So, I guess I’ll go ahead and get started.

The reason I’m doing this Facebook Live this morning is that one of the questions that I get from parents a lot, especially new members is…

“I need help, um, with my child’s focus. Getting them to focus better on tasks. Getting them to remember what they are supposed to be doing.”

So, today I've got a document called FOCUS HACKS.

I would like to send you if you would just put your email address down below or send me a private message. I will get this PDF to you.

And basically, what it offers is by very simple hacks that you can use the parent or an adult in the child's life to help them achieve better focus the name of the document is “Focus Hacks. Five simple techniques to help your child achieve better focus.”

Hi, Tabitha,

By the use of the word hacks, I don't mean anything negative. I'm using it in place of the word “shortcut”. So, it's really five timesaving shortcuts that an adult can use to help a child focus better and it's very easy to assume that everybody knows how to focus.

I'm a firm believer and I believe more and more every day, that the average person has the attention span shorter than a squirrel does.

And I believe with all the technology that we have around us all the time, attention-grabbing technology is always trying to pull us in different directions as adults that is hard to cope with a lot of times and unfortunately, we are introducing kids to all that technology at younger and younger ages.

Let me ask a question. Think about this.

How often is your smartphone within arm's reach of you in a day?


Think about that honestly.

And what do you do every time that phone “dings” because you got a notification of some kind?

You’re reaching. You stop what you're doing.

Most people reach for their phone and they want to see who's texting them or they want to read an email that they got.

It could be in the middle of something important that thing “dings” and we are trained, in general, to go and see what new information that we've got rather than completing the task that we started with.

We’ve got to a point, in my opinion, that all this distracting technology is more than likely programming people's minds to react a certain way, to do certain things, regardless of what else you're trying to do. Stop what you're doing and do this. Technology demands that you do something

We should not be exposing young children to all that, all the time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a five-year-old has no more access to technology, whether it's video games, whether it's iPad, whether it's smartphones, whatever, should be limited.

I believe even TV should be limited to no more than an hour a day.

For older kids, the time should not only be limited relative to their age, but parents should be actively involved and what their kids are watching and playing and the technology that they're doing.

We should be monitoring this, not giving eight and nine-year-old kids their privacy on technology. That can be way too dangerous. But we should be monitoring what they're doing, as parents, as people responsible for growing them up into good human beings. It is our job to guide them and I'm going off on a tangent there.

But what I want to do is… I'm wanting to give you this document of five simple, easy to use hacks to improve your child's ability to focus, whether it's on their schoolwork, whether it's on their chores, whether it's on just having a conversation.

I want to send this to you. I want to put this in your hands.

So, if you will drop your email down the comments below or private message me. I will get this PDF out to you today.

So, when you see this shoot me an email or put down the comments below your email or private Facebook message me if you’re worried about other people being able to reach out to you and make your smartphone “ding” even more and I will shoot you this.

If you're interested in these hacks, if you think that we could help kids achieve better focus together, then what I would like for it to do would be one; to drop some type of emoji, a thumbs up, a bomb.

Drop an emoji in the comments down below and I would like for you to LIKE and SHARE this short little video so we can get this document out to as many people as we can.

I do believe that young kids now are going to be our leaders in the in the future and we need to be training them up. They need to be acquiring skills and not be left on their own to figure out how to learn and how of focus.

I believe that that is our responsibility and we can do this together. We owe it to the next generation to give them the skills that they need to be successful.

And I believe learning how to learn and learning how to focus are two very important life skills that we as adults can give the children our lives because they need that.

We sometimes assume that because we know something, they know something. I say that all the time. We assume that because we have 20, 30, 40, 50 years of life experience that a person that's been on this rock for only a couple of years already understands stuff, and they don't.

you weren't born with innate knowledge of how to learn new material or how to focus on stuff.

 You were taught that.

I know a lot of adults that, have problems with focus sometimes and have a hard time learning new things. Ever hear the saying that it’s hard to teach old dog new tricks?

Because we get to a certain point (in our life) and we don't spend a lot of time learning how to learn. And I do believe that you know you're not growing, you're dying.

That's all.

And we need to be growing these kids with our help.

They need us.

And if you can get one good technique out of this PDF that will help your child focus, it will probably improve that grades. It will improve their attention span at home. It will affect so many things in their life. Now, it will affect their listening skills, it will affect their behavior in a lot of ways.

And you know, I've gathered this information from working with kids over decades and using these hacks on the kids in our studio and (kids) that are in my life that I have the ability to mentor them and mentor their parents sometimes, which I think we all need help.

We all need guides. We all need mentors.  

We all need teachers in our lives in one way or another. And I think as parents. It is our absolute responsibility not to put it on somebody else but to acquire these skills and pass them on to our kids.

So again, I said if you would like this PDF document it’s an easy read. It’s five simple techniques to help your child achieve better focus.

It includes everything from the environment, you have them working in and trying to focus, (to) kind of building pathways in the brain by doing certain activities that will allow them to laser focus on something they're trying to accomplish, or something they need to do.

I say (it helps) with homework, chores, learning something new. These are great techniques and these really work.

Now keep in mind that different children of different age levels will respond to different techniques easier, but I'm telling you these things work and I want to give them to you.

So, no charge, no obligation. I'm not asking for anything return except just let me give it to you.

So you do that.

Hi, Dawn. I will get this out to you. Read it. Try two, three, four, or all five of these techniques and give it some time. Then shoot me an email and let me know what you think about it.

Give me your comments. But if you would you guys, again, if you see any value in this type of document, if you think it's a good idea, shoot me an emoji down in the comments like I said, a thumbs up, a bomb, happy face. Give me something. Let me know you there.

Throw your email down in the bottom or if you pm me, I will get this out to you right away.

So that's all I got, except, that I want you to go from this moment forward today and make today great for someone in your life.

I appreciate your attention. I am grateful for every single one of you in my life.

until next time.

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