Back to School Tips - Day 3

Back to School Tips - Day 3

Tip #3: Make sure your child feels comfortable communicating with you

It's important that when your child speaks with you about the challenges children face each day at school they are comfortable talking about their feelings, fears, and anxiety. You can help your child work through any challenge.  

Here are some important tips to help your child feel comfortable about communication:

  1. Never ignore your child’s anxieties or stresses. This is a crucial mistake that many parents make, and most of the time it is on accident. Sometimes parents get tangled up with all of their own responsibilities that they brush aside situations brought up by their child that don’t seem important. What you need to remember is: EVERYTHING your child says to you is important to them.                                                                  
  2. Ask them about their day to keep an open dialog. Sometimes children hold back sharing their fears and anxieties simply because they don’t want to bother you. By asking them how their day was and if there was anything they wanted to talk about, you are showing them you care.        
  3. Try to put their anxieties and stresses into a perspective that they understand. For example, everyone is bullied at one point in their life. If your child’s stress is about bullying, share your bullying experience and let them know that you understand how they feel and then provide a simple solution that they can handle. 

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