Did You Finish Your homework? part 3

Done Homework part 3

We’ve been sharing some amazing tools if you can‘t get your child to complete their homework. Make sure to check out our last 2 posts for the other great tips! Today, we’re sharing the last tip to help your child focus on homework. If your child has ADD/ADHD, has a lot of excess energy, or […]

Did You Finish Your homework? part 2

Finished your homework part 2

Hey North Richland Hills parents! Recently we shared a powerful tip if you can‘t get your child to prioritize homework over video games. Make sure to check our last post if you haven’t read it already. Today, we’re addressing a different issue that prevents kids from focusing on homework: a distracting environment. Psychologists say that […]

Did You Finish Your homework? part 1

Did Your Child Do Their Homework?

We’ve all been there. You hear the video games and giggles coming from the next room. You storm down the hall, throw open the door, and see your child gaming with their friends online. You look over and their backpack is on the floor, no sign it was even opened.You know the answer, but you […]

Importance of Teaching Girls Self Defense

Self-defense is NOT just for boys! Everyone deserves to learn how to defend themselves. Self-protection is needed by girls as well as boys. Many people think that girls are fragile and can’t effectively learn to defend themselves. Often times the opposite is true. Females are tougher mentally and physically than we give them credit for. […]